Rebirth, designing and educating through the arts one brilliant mind at a time!
Building self esteem through strategic planning and intelligence green scholar development
Change your mindset to change your community!

                         ​    TADA Charter Academy & Conservatory 

                                              Eco-Healing & Educating through the Arts!

Renaissance Design & Conservatory
Myriad  facets of the arts explored comprehensively domestically & worldwide
Educating, training, mentoring and motivating youth in our communities will encourage positive growth, plan, strengthen and build sustainable character while...
creating academic avenues for rapid advancement; one vibration, one beat, one stroke, one motion and one movement followed by incredible energetic measurable results for competitive world advantages.TADA
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echnology Arts &Design Academy
(TADA Charter School)

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What is TADA Charter Academy?

When is TADA Charter Academy coming to Alton?

Can my child enroll at TADA Charter Academy?

My child is very smart, but his teachers have trouble with the attitude. He gets bored easily and talks out of turn. Will that be a problem?

How is TADA different than regular public schools in the Alton St. Louis Metroplex area?

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